Best Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives and Moms

There are millions of housewives who are doing great work to build their home and supporting their family. For them managing family and home is their priority. They are the backbone of our society and nurturing it.

Many of housewives have dream to do something for their family. They have their own dream. In today’s time there is need for earning extra money to mange expenses of the family. Here are some home based  business ideas for housewives to earn extra income for their family and gradually build it as business.

Be a fitness and yoga trainer:

Now a day’s people are become more fitness and health conscious. They spend some bucks from their earning on fitness and body.

Many women have started this as business.

They can start as personal yoga or fitness trainer in fitness center. Even Start it exclusively for personal training to women.

Yoga or fitness trainer required knowledge in their field.

With small amount of investment bring regular source of income to them.Even you can start your own blog and You Tube channel on that.

You Tube channel on fitness:




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Jewellery business:

Jewellery is passion for many ladies. Jewellery business is good idea for housewife. With around 3000-5000 INR they can start this business at home.

She can sell it in local area at home. With small amount of investment she can start earn business with steady income. Gradually she can expand her business form artificial jewellery to silver, gold and diamond jewellery.

Garment business:

Cloth trading business is nice home based business ideas for housewives and moms.

This business has tremendous market in India. For ladies starting this business is good because as they love shopping.

Initially about 10000 investment woman can start this business. She can start it with sari, dresses, western cloths etc. They all have great demand among ladies so she can start it. Through word of mouth this business increases. Ladies have fascination about the saris, dresses etc.

This business earns steady income for housewife. It gives her 30-50% return over investment.

Food or Tiffin service business:

A house wives generally have good skill of making testy food.  They can use these skills in business also. She can start local Tiffin services, or sell of specialised item like Khakhara, Papad, and Pickle etc.Even they can start small restaurant of food business.

This business required 5000-7000 investment and through this she can good amount of profit in it.

Craft & art business:

Craft and art required special skills. If a housewife has this special set of skill, then she can use it and build business.

She can take work from local market.

Even she can use internet for the getting order and business. Where she will get order from work. This art include painting,photograph, card making craft work etc.

She even took help of local government bodies for the funds and subsidies.

you can sell your art on– Found myselffoliolink

Be a Blogger :

Best Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives & Moms

If you have good command on writing then you can try your skill in blogging. Blogging will help you to earn money through Adsense, affiliate marketing and sponsorship.

Shradha Shama of Yourstory has started it as normal blog.

Start YouTube journey:

You Tube will help you to earn money from advertisements and affiliate marketing. If you have good communication skills and specific fields knowledge then it will be great platform for you.

You tuber like Nisha madhulika earn huge money from her food channel on Youtube.

This Yotube channel can be on Food, fashion, beauty, travel, tech, comedy or anything.

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Start Play center or Tuition classes:

Play center are booming in India as husband and wife both are working. Culture of play center is flourished in India day by day. So it’s right time to get in for the housewife.

They can start it in 2000-10000 investment. Depends of the services they provide.

Get started with Beauty parlour  and Salon business:

Morden ladies visit parlour and salon twice a month or more. So it can be good business for the housewife. Best part of it is women helps woman in it.

This business require 5000-10000 depend upon on what scale you have to start.

Content writer and copywriter:

Social media give a boost to the content writing busyness. Not only in social media but also in publication industry demand of content writer have been increased.

Housewife with good writing skill can easily start it as business.

For getting order they can use Upwork, freelancer and fiverr.

Become E- commerce seller:

Starting online store on E-commerce platform is now an easy task, It’s great home based business ideas for housewives.It required some licence and product listing. After getting it, you can start your own E-commerce store.

It will bring other source of income to you.

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Start own consulting business:

If you have expertise in specific field, then go for starting consultancy business. It can be on HR, Finance, Marketing, Fashion or anything.

Best part is that it does not require more investment and she can run it from home.

Interior designing:

Women are generally interested in interior designing.

This may required some knowledge but after getting it women can easily start and run it with family.

Be in network marketing business:

Women’s have amazing networking and communication skills.

This business can be started from home and doesn’t require any investment.It’s a best home based business ideas for housewives and moms.Women have to register in company and start selling their products in their network and doing this they can earn money through per sell.

Amway is biggest player in India for network marketing business in India.

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Music and Dance teacher:

Many housewives were deeply interested in music and dance before their marriage. Housewife can still continue as business. This may help them to earn extra money for their family.

Wedding planning services provider:

Wedding planning business in India is going faster now. Housewife can start match making or wedding planning business operated from home. This may required some time after their family time.

With local ladies support it will be easy for her to establish it as business.

This home based business ideas for housewives does not require many skills so start and earn money for your family.

Start small and aim for big.

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  1. Sunaina says:

    Nowadays numbers of the people are jobless and I m sure this will help them.
    Keep sharing with us.

  2. Rama Moorthy says:

    These ideas for housewives and stay at home moms are really wonderful and useful. Notably, there are many new female bloggers are rising in the past few years, because they are educated and have more leisure times. BTW, they learned how to spend the free more usefully.
    Apart from the native ideas, you have covered the other few innovative tips on online jobs for housewives.

  3. Rama Moorthy says:

    These ideas for housewives and stay at home moms are really wonderful and useful. Notably, there are many new female bloggers are rising in the past few years, because they are educated and have more leisure times. BTW, they learned how to spend the free more usefully.
    Apart from the native ideas, you have covered the other few innovative tips on online jobs for housewives.

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    All the ideas are helpful and useful for housewives, most of the housewives are not aware of this type of jobs and struggling to make money from their full-time job, this jobs will help them to manage daily works at home, keep sharing with us.

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