8 Tips and Tricks for Newbie Caterers

8 Tips and Tricks for Newbie Caterers

Whether you work in a kitchen that is professional or a have handful of experience in catering, catering requires a sharp skill set. A business like catering is challenging. Firstly, you have to take food from the point of preparation to the destination where it is to be served. In addition to it, you need to keep the food safe during the day.

8 Tips and Tricks for Newbie Caterers
There are tons of questions that pop in your mind, and if you are newly into this, we have shortlisted some of the essential questions for you, here are those:

1. From a business luncheon to a large wedding, what are the rules of service for caterers?

2. Do we need to spoon out the food in a buffet or does the guest?
3. Are you responsible for food preparation or is it someone else?
4. Do you need to set the tables and how to do it?
5. Hot beverages like coffee and tea are served before or after the meal?

And many questions like these arise before you, as the food industry itself is intimidating, particularly when you are new and unfamiliar with the rules of this industry.
This industry is both exciting and entertaining, as the coworkers you find here will be lively and social.

Tips on Catering for newbies:

From quality food hygiene, listening to customers, to smart sale strategies, there are many catering tricks to improve the food you prepare.

Here we present to you some of the tips and tricks for a new caterers in Bangalore.

Organize the environment

The first we bring to you are creating an environment for diners that prompts them to choose specific food and drinks.
If you happen to arrange the environment, you can increase the appetite of the guests as researchers reveal that classical music and certain decor affect the mood of guests.
Try not to go overboard. Use artwork, furnishings, and ornaments to build the color scheme.

2. Say no to Buffet

Cancel the buffet style of having food, unless your client requests for it. There’s a new rage in the catering that is family-style entertaining. Chefs of catering services in Bangalore find it hard to regulate the buffet style of catering, which predominantly leads to illness. Fewer guests have lesser chances of accidents, this way you can see the needs of guests without any difficulty. Catering managers come with less stress hosting a stress-down and family sized events than monitoring a long-buffet time.

8 Tips and Tricks for Newbie Caterers

3. Take feedbacks from guests

It seems obvious but take the comments and complains as an opportunity to improve your recipes and services. Rather than defending your service, utilize them constructively. Once you adapt to their feedbacks, you start earning positive feedbacks and receive great reviews about your catering business.

Display the comment cards at the desk; this will help you to know what went right or wrong when catering to an event.

Respond to the feedback and thank the people who comment on your social media pages or your websites.

4.Choosing hot and cold foods

A catering chef’s most challenging job is to cook in a venue kitchen with no idea of the number of ovens beforehand. And if you are preparing in advance, it becomes much more stressful, and you end up worrying about how you’ll end up heating the food on time.

Professional caterers often choose to go with warm food or even the food that can be served at room temperature.

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5. Prepare for the tasks ahead

Mentally prepare or plan the tasks days before the start of the event. A chef needs to get the food on the table, and the manager has to take the necessary steps that can pull off the event. And for the staff, they need to make sure all the preparations like tablecloths, setting up of chairs, cutlery, napkins, etc. are set up ahead of the time. The staff will want to prepare as many as food possible well before the time as this will lessen the forthcoming stress.

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6. Ask for help and assistance

Since you are a newbie, you have a lot to learn in this industry. From our side, we advise you to seek help if you are not good at something or don’t know what to do. Learn and overcome the mistakes you make, although errors that are multiple in number can be avoided, once you seek the advice of the right person from the industry.

8 Tips and Tricks for Newbie Caterers

7.Attire for your staff

The staff working in the catering industry are usually provided with a uniform, with colorful outfits. Make sure that you have enough of uniforms available right before the start of a new event. And if your staff is not keen on getting a new one, ask them to clean thoroughly before the start of the event.

Consider replacing their old shoes with new pairs. It is recommended that you provide your staff with safe-slip resistant footwear. Also, there are a plethora of safety options to consider

When buying a new footwear such as: spill-proofing, water-resistance, clog resistance, lightweight materials, ventilation and removable insoles and many other such features.

8. Consider food hygiene

Hosting a catering event carries less of legal requirements. Here are few tips from us on food hygiene:

  • Keep the raw meat on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.
  • Always check the temperature of the refrigerator is between 1 and 4°C, also clean it regularly.
  • Consider working in a clean area as cooking food in a mess contains a lot of stress. This will consume a lot of time when you have to stop mid-way and clean the pile-up, which interrupts with the time of serving food and wastes time.
  • Tell your staff to tie the hair back and clip the nails. Also, request them not to wear any jewelry.

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And so these were our tips and tricks that can help a newbie caterer to become successful in this catering industry. If you are someone who is eager to become a caterer, these tips will surely help you.

Any questions? Drop those in the comments section below.

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