digital marketing course in vadodara

digital marketing course in Vadodara

Many institutes offer digital marketing courses in Vadodara. But, you need to find the best digital marketing course available in the market to satisfy your goal. 

Also, The digital marketing institute should accomplish the following requirements:

1. It should primarily focus on quality education.

2. It should adopt the changes as per the global trend.

3. It should get you the taste of real-time projects. 

4. It should have the material which one can refer to in the future.

5. It should have a reach to the best tools available in the market.

6. It should cost at an affordable price.

The indicators are taken from students of digital marketing in Vadodara. 

There is one institute, which considered all the indicators and formulated the program of advance digital marketing is “Dipeshpreneur“. There are many other aspects, which has made the institute ranked at the top in the field of digital marketing. 

Why Dipeshpreneur?

Best digital marketing course in vadodara

After creating 400000+ vibrant entrepreneurs’ community founder, Dipesh Patel, has started the institute “Dipeshpreneur“.

Dipeshpreneur provides the “Geeta” of digital marketing which helps students in every aspect of their field in the future.

At Dipeshpreneur, the students get the training on live projects. The projects, at Dipeshpreneur, are oriented to learning so that students can get the test of real-life projects during their curriculum.  

Dipeshpreneur does not only educate how to do the SEO, SMM(social media marketing) etc. but also how it can help the business and brands to grow in their niche. 

Dipeshpreneur teaches the core topic of “Business awareness in digital marketing” which helps the students to learn about how the businesses work and how the brand awareness campaigns in digital marketing work. 

It has helped many students to build their ventures by forming creative brand awareness campaigns ideas. 

The Faculty, at Dipeshpreneur, make students aware of the UI & UX of website and how one can make a user-friendly website. This aspect is important to teach because the students know how to build the website, but some don’t know how to make a professional website with best UI-UX.  

The digital marketing courses in India ranges 25k-75k. The amount may not be affordable to many people. Considering the fact, Dipeshpreneur offers the advance digital marketing course at an affordable price, so that no one left behind.

Over the years, Founder of Dipeshpreneur has acquired the knowledge of best tools and software for Digital marketing which is also a part of the study material provided by Dipeshpreneur. The study material consists of the best tools for SEO, social media marketing, graphic design, Ebooks and other digital marketing stuff.

The Faculties not only have the expertise in their field but also they have the tips and tricks which enhance the students’ experience in the learning of Digital marketing.

Courses for digital marketing offered by Dipeshpreneur:

Advance Digital marketing course in Vadodara:

The advance digital marketing course encapsulates from the root to the fruit of Digital Marketing.

The modules provided in the courses are listed briefly:

1.) Search engine optimisation (SEO): 

Search engine optimisation is a process of using different keywords to increase the traffic on your website. It is the most effective way to bring organic traffic without paying a penny.  

2.) Search engine marketing (SEM):

It involves increasing the visibility of your website by using paid promotion. It can drastically turn the table for business if you optimise in an organised way. 

3.) Social media marketing (SMM):

It involves the use of different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat etc. to promote a brand. 

4.) Content writing:

In the content writing session, you will learn the thumb rules of content writing (DOs and DON’Ts). You can use these rule while writing your blog post, website content, web 2.0 etc

 5.) Web Development:

A website is nothing but a collection of pages and content. It is a virtual office which anyone can visit 24×7. So, it is important to have a website. Here, you will learn the UI-UX of the website and how to make an error-free website. 

 6.) Google analytics:

It is a web analytics tool offered by Google. Google analytics scrutinises the website, Shows the graphical representation of traffic and the focused keyword. It shows you a thorough analysis of your website and also the areas of improvement. 

 7.) Google Ads:

Google provides a paid advertising platform for the promotion of products. Google AdSense displays the text, video or image in exchange for the money. 

In this session, you will learn how to set up Google Adsense. It is necessary to put lucrative content which attracts the maximum of your target audience. 

 8.) Online reputation management (ORM):

Online reputation management is influencing or managing the online reputation of an individual or a group.

In this session, you will learn how to shape people’s perception that we can use it for your good. 

9.) Affiliate marketing:

  In this session, You will learn basics to advance about affiliation marketing. After completing the course, you will be able to get hired for affiliation and also start your affiliate program. 

10.) Email marketing:

It is not just collecting the email and send the custom message to your audience. It is way more than that. In this session, you will learn how the model of best Email marketing works and the DOs and DON’Ts of Email marketing. 

11.) Youtube marketing: 

Youtube is an ocean of countless opportunities. 

Youtube is the biggest video search engine across the globe. There is no alternate for youtube. 

In this session, you will learn how the youtube search engine works and how to monetise it. You will learn the different tools for Youtube SEO. It can help you increase your views and subscribers. You will get to know how you can set up your own business on youtube. 

12.) Graphic designing:

Graphic designing includes the tools of graphic designing and video editing. It will help you to make creative content that can attract high traffic. 

Corporate Digital marketing course in Vadodara

The corporate digital marketing course is for the people who, already, are part of the corporate and want their business to reach new heights. Not many institutes offer this course. At Dipshpreneur, the management realised the need of the hour so, Dipeshpreneur introduced this integrated course with the mix of corporate. 

In this course, you will get a curated content of brand awareness, rebranding, creating the service strategy, supporting the clients, how to improve ROI etc.

Why choose corporate Digital marketing course at Dipeshpreneur?

Dipeshpreneur provides curated content by experts which consists not only the knowledge of digital marketing but also the knowledge of how business work online.

At Dipeshprneur, you get the lifetime support and solutions to any future queries instantly.

After completing the course, you will be able to kickstart your own business, campaigns and many other things confidently. Because you will always be a part of Dipeshpreneur community.

At Dipeshprneur, you will be doing practical industry work which will make you pitch clients on your own and help others grow digitally. 

At Dipeshpreneur, students get best classroom facility, engagement with experts, lectures at the widescreen etc.

Advanced SEO (search engine optimisation) course

Many organisations offer jobs for SEO as: 

  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Analyst
  • SEO Strategist
  • SEO Specialist
  • SEO Consultant
  • SEO Trainer
  • SEO Director
  • SEO + AdWords Expert
  • SEO Manager

Considering the fact, Dipeshpreneur offers SEO course for the student who wants to be an SEO expert and only wants to focus on one particular field. This course consists of the detailed module of the SEO. Under the umbrella, Dipeshpreneur covers every topic of the SEO neatly. 

SEO course consists of the following modules:

  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. Introduction to the different terms in SEO
  3. Understanding of the google algorithm
  4. Domains and hosting
  5. Website analysis
  6. Keyword research and its tools
  7. DOs and DON’Ts of the SEO
  8. On-page SEO
  9. Off-page SEO
  10. Advanced SEO
  11. Google search console
  12. Google analytics tool

–After completion of the SEO course, Dipeshpreneur provides 100% job assistance and lifetime support for any SEO related Queries. 

— Dipeshpreneur offer live training so, students get the taste of real-life projects. 

Advanced Social media marketing course in Vadodara: 

The course, at Dipeshpreneur, is integrated into a fun-learn programme. The course has been formed and updated meticulously by Dipeshpreneur at the regular intervals, as the social media changes frequently. At Dipeshpreneur, students get to learn the different strategies of attracting a mass audience on various platforms.

The course involves graphic designing only to make students aware of the engaging content and audience’s psychology.   

The Advanced digital marketing course includes the following modules:

  1. Facebook marketing
  2. Linkedin marketing
  3. Twitter marketing
  4. Instagram marketing
  5. Pinterest
  6. Snapchat
  7. Whatsapp marketing
  8. Tiktok
  9. Advance SEO
  10. Google Ads
  11. Advance Social media marketing
  12. Ecommerce & marketing 
  13. Website development
  14. funnel building and many more.

Web design course:

The web page development course provides an in-depth knowledge of the UI-UX of the web page and how WordPress, as to make students aware of how to build professional websites as per the clients’ niche. 

Many institutes offer the course but, at Dipeshpreneur, students not only learn the website making but also learn how the website can attract the business and how they can make a user-friendly website and It makes Dipeshpreneur distinct from the rest. Dipeshpreneur also gives the hacks and knowledge of essential tools which can make a website dynamic. 

The web design course includes the following modules:

  1. How to Install WordPress? (Practical Demonstration)
  2. WordPress Blogs vs Websites
  3. Operating WordPress Dashboard
  4. Content types: Posts, pages and more
  5. Practical Exercise: Adding content to your site
  6. Plugins: Playing with plugins
  7. Create tags for SEO and categories to organise posts
  8. Installing themes
  9. How to create an e-commerce website
  10. How to use WordPress as a content management system (CMS)

After knowing all about Dipeshpreneur course now, you must have a wish to know who is behind this institute and what is their success story.

Here is the story of, Dipesh Patel, one of the youngest digital marketing entrepreneur and the founder of Desi entrepreneurs, Vadodara.

Founder story of Desi entrepreneur:

It was clear from the start that the founder, Dipesh Patel, wanted to do something revolutionary that not only connect everyone in the community but also help each other to grow. 

For this, he used his knowledge of digital marketing and started a premium digital marketing agency named Desi Entrepreneurs. 

Right from the start, he adopted the opportunity-driven approach. As a result, he got an outstanding response of the clients and got many recommendations from the clients and boosted the growth of Desi Entrepreneurs. 

It paved a way to success for Desi Entrepreneurs.

To re-define his aim, Dipesh started sharing his approach and techniques & started helping the entrepreneurs in the community. 

After some time, the engagement with the fellows become evident. That inspired him to give lectures and seminars across the state. He was a guest at many highly recognised university and collages. Some of them are listed below:-

  1. Maharaja Sayajirao University of Vadodara
  2. ITM Vocational University
  3. GSFC University
  4. Tapovan College of Commerce, Bharuch
  5. Shri K. B. Commerce and Smt. B. C. J. Science College, Khambhat N. College
  6. Parul University
  7. Sardar Patel Education Campus, Anand
  8. P Patel and F.H Shah Commerce College, Anand
  9. Sheth T. C. Kapadia Arts & Commerce College, Bodeli
  10. Center for entrepreneurship development Gujarat, Vadodara
  11. Tuva engineering college
  12. Center for entrepreneurship development Gujarat, Ahmedabad

All these efforts of sharing the invaluable knowledge and experience at various seminars resulted in more than 4 lac followers(most of them being entrepreneur) across the globe in a short period. 

Through the course of advance, digital marketing the founder aims the quality education and sharing his valuable experiences. At Dipeshpreneur, the founder, Dipesh Patel, not aiming to be the employees of any company but to be the employers who will lead the future.

Reviews of Dipeshpreneur digital marketing course in Vadodara:

Some of the students have shared their experience at Dipeshpreneur. 

Associations with Dipeshpreneur:

The association gives the idea of the reach of any institution. So, it is important to checkout Dipeshpreneur’s associations and collaborations. 

The free study material of digital marketing by Dipeshpreneur:

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It is important to get certificates from the reputed and recognised institutes to ensure the strengthening of your portfolio.  

Here are the completion certificates of Dipeshpreneur course:

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