Observe a traveller without observation is a bird without wings .

In our everyday life we tend to come across so many events but seldom do we observe what each event holds something.

Jojo Singh at a tender age had observed that we humans fail ‘to meet up the basic need of our pets. Yes! We don’t care about the diet of our pets. He realised that we humans are very apprehensive about taking packaged food then why feed our pets with packaged food items.

Woof Yums

At the age of 47 leaving his well settled career in advertising he decides to follow his heart, he comes up with ‘Woof Yums’ a start-up that aims at providing fresh balanced diet for pets.

Every day at 4 am in the morning high quality fresh meals are cooked for pets and delivered. It’s because of ‘Woof Yums’ even our pets get to have ‘fresh cooked hot meals’.

With current sedentary lifestyle, even pets have been found to acquire various ailments which include obesity, thyroid, diabetes, renal and liver issues arthritis etc.

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Woof Yums tweak their food to suit individual need and have managed to control these diseases only with their natural meals. That is why you would not see two boxes alike that leaves Woof Yums’ kitchen.

Now Woof Yums is into its third year of operation and has grown from 1 box to more than 250 boxes everyday.

Woof Yums

The story of Jojo Singh teaches us that a small observation can bring about a huge change and make this world a better place to live in. Jojo, believes that whatever you want to achieve in life is all there for you to grasp and simply put your head down to get it.

He faced flacks, opposition even from his family and friends, was ridiculed by others when he launched Woof Yums. No one could digest that something like this was needed at all!

People were apprehensive about the quality and service and more importantly, the consistence of deliveries. Jojo proved them all wrong.

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He dedicated his entire concentration to make pet parents aware about the need of this service and diligently kept on with his promotion and creating awareness about Woof Yums.

The advantages of feeding fresh, nutritionally balanced diet was hammered with a clear stroke.

Recognizing his skills, a pet care magazine started a regular feature on home remedies for common ailments for pets. Now the series is penned and well respected even after 2 years. The series feature benefits of herbs and other ingredients which are commonly found at home to treat pets.

Woof Yums

The story of Woof Yums and Jojo is something to learn. Do follow your heart, Believe in your dream, try to make the change in world by never letting go of your beliefs even under immense opposition. “Respect your decision and do not give up without trying, when you commit yourself you certainly achieve success. Never chase money or celebrate short term successes. Make your canvas bigger and plan for at least 5 years. Your consistency will surely be rewarded.”

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Sums up Jojo who was nominated for Digital Awards for Most Promising Start Up in 2016. A team of students from University of Texas, impressed with the business module, have made a documentary on Woof Yums, which is on You Tube — Click Here

Woof Yums

You can order healthy food for your pet here: http://www.woofyums.com/

Follow them of Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/woofyums/


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