Growth of the Transportation Business

Growth of the Transportation Industry and Importance of the Transportation Business

Growth of the Transportation Industry and Importance of the Transportation Business

Back in the 1800’s, waterways were the only way to travel a long distance, making it a little easier for people to trade. By the early 1900’s, railways became popular and quickly took over the way we traveled and traded. Soon, wagons and freight ships became part of the transportation we used along with bicycles and carriages. Back then, people could spend as little as $0.05 to take a commuter train and by the late 1920’s passenger planes were flying people where they wanted to go. However, the growth of the transportation industry has heightened tremendously since.

By the time the 1950’s came around, cars were seen all over the roadways. The creation of cars helped out Americans by giving them a means of private commute. Not surprisingly, by the 2000s, there were over 220 million cars on the road. Air travel also increased significantly during this time.

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The importance of the Transportation Industry

Growth of the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry has greatly transformed the way we live. Traveling and trading have become much easier over the past few decades. People are now able to travel as they please and go nearly anywhere they desire. With the ease of owning a personal vehicle and the vast options presented through public transit, it’s nearly impossible not to find a ride when you need one.

Since growth in productivity is essential to the economy, the transportation industry is especially important to our way of living. Without the ability to transport goods, trade or travel, the economy would no longer grow or serve us as we need it to. Today, the transportation system supports nearly 6 million miles of roadways, waterways and pipelines, over 19,000 airports both public and private, and over 230 million motor vehicles including ships, railcars and automobiles.

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The Predominance of the Highway System

Growth of the Transportation Industry

The highway system is perhaps the most predominant means of transportation. With over 4 million miles of roads, highways and streets, transportation is made quicker and easier for both passengers and freight. As of the early 2000’s, over 2.5 trillion miles have been traveled by road and the amount of travel each year only continues to increase by nearly 3%.

Although all highways are considered part of the integrated national infrastructure, all roads and streets are primarily owned by local and state governments. Due to the use of privately owned vehicles, the desire to travel, the need for freight transportation, and the overall increased use of highways, the road infrastructure has grown significantly in the past few decades. The highway accounts for nearly 25% of the total miles of vehicle travel.

The use of highways is predicted to only increase over time. In fact, The Inter modal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 was created to raise $151 billion over the next six years to assist the growth of highways, public transit and on the road safety programs.

By 1998, The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century raised nearly $200 billion more to support the highways systems and transportation industry. The TEA-21 reinforced and strengthened planning requirements, funding and safety programs, and freight movements.


How Entrepreneurs Can Get Involved in the Transportation Industry

Growth of the Transportation Industry

With the importance and consistent growth and need for the transportation system, the opportunities to get involved in the industry have become more abundant.

The increased use and constant advancements of technology have helped the transportation industry to flourish, creating more jobs and making it easier to find a means to travel whenever it is needed. It’s not surprising that entrepreneurs all over the world have staked their claim in the industry.

Growth of the Transportation Industry

Today, the rise in taxi services such as Uber and Lyft have made it possible for individuals to pick up jobs whether full-time or part-time, giving them a way to earn more money in their spare time. These services are app operated and have made it more convenient to call upon a ride at all hours of the day or night.

Others have found a way to get involved in other parts of the transportation industry by becoming freight truck owners and operators, boat owners, or a part of the air travel business. In major cities, you’ll even find that bicycle rentals are a primary way to get around, making it possible to dodge the large amounts of traffic and congestion found throughout the city’s roadways.

As an entrepreneur, it’s not a bad idea to get your foot in the door of the transportation industry. With the need for travel and trade, it is an unfailing industry that needs constant support. There are many ways to get involved and earn a living as a transportation provider.

Growth of the Transportation Industry has heightened tremendously right now.So that importance of the transportation industry and transportation business increased for entrepreneur and startup.

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