How to earn money from Social media


Social media is great platform for interacting with friends, family member and people around the world. But you can also earn money from social media.

Social media is the key for earn money to the business now days. SEO and social media play important role in business. No one can ignore it. Businesses are using it for engagement, sales, research & marketing.

So here you can find “How to earn money from social media”


Social media management for Business, Brand and Agency:

Now a day’s almost all business try to build their reputation on Social media. Many business and brand are using social media for business lead generation and stay away from the competition.

A person with good or moderate knowledge can start it. For that He or she should have to  required content making skill and Some knowledge of graphics and video making.

You can approach various Food business, brands Photographers, fashion business and local business for you services.

So big question how to start with the social media?

There are various platforms on which you can start your journey. Social media management business is easy. A person with interest can easily start it at home. For that you need some basic knowledge about how to do social media marketing.

You could find Manny stuff available on Youtube and internet .where you can start learn, apply and earn from it.

 Promotion or shoutout on pages:

There are various pages on Facebbok and Instagram are earning money from promotion and shoutout.  For that you need to have high engagement and big follower list. Minimum 50K is good for getting clients.

Even you can promote your blog and get traffic from this page.

Digital Marketing consultant:

Digital marketing required good amount of experience of all digital marketing. SEO, Social media marketing and Google Adword is the key thing in it. By getting this knowledge you can provide consultation to the small firm or big firm depending upon your knowledge.

Youtube channel:

If you are creative enough to make video in your niche then start your own YouTube channel. Through this you can earn ton of money depending upon traffic. This you tube channel type can be comedy, Fashion, Knowledge and education and Food etc. Once you get enough subscribers then you will start earning as through YouTube. Even you can earn through affiliate marketing and promotion of product.

Sell your products and services:

Through social media you can sell your products and services. You can use your page and group as well for selling your products. Many experts and professionals are using this for their business. Deepak Kanakaraju Have group on Learn digital marketing through he is promoting his products and services as well constantly engaging member of that group.

Content writer

If you are good in content writing then use this platform for getting your clients. Use of Facebook and linked in gives you clients through your work. Initial stage Showcase your writing skills to audience on your Facebook page/profile and linked in page/profile. Start connecting with various agencies and show them your work. This will help you to earn your first income.

Freelancer services:

Freelancers like graphic designers, web developers, SEO expert also can use social media platform for getting attention of people. This things required time and efforts. For getting more attention you need to be more creative on social media. This creativity will helps you to get edge over others. It will not only help you in short run but also in long run it will bring value to your client and getting order.

Promote your blog

Social media is great tool to promote your blog.  Through social media you can expand your users and increase your traffic. You need to stay focus and be creative for this. For that you can use Facbook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pintrest and other sources according to your use.

Demonstrate your music on Soundcloud and Youtube

Sound cloud and youtube is best option to showcase your music ability. You can post your catchy jingle on that and get attention from client. Many firm and radio agency are looking for jingle and music so if you by contacting and showing them your music on this platform you will get your clients for various commercials, projects and radio.

By posting it you can get clients for their commercial, radio and ad projects.

Promote affiliate products.

Use various social media platform for the promotion of affiliate products. Choose this products according to you niche and go for it.

When you joint to Amazon Affiliate marketing program you will get link for the products. Either you can create blog, post or video on it and spread it in your audience. Amazon will give you percentage of sell made through your link when people purchase items form that link.

Promote you own Informational products:

If you have good knowledge in any segment or field. Make E-book, MP3 or video courses and sell it to your audience. You can use platform like Amzon to publish and sell your products on their platform. You can also publish your course on Udemy.

If you use various social media platform for promote your informational products. You can increase your sell and earn extra bucks.

Many Social media marketing experts are offering free webinars on social media and after that they sell their course to users. Neil Patel, Anik Singhal and Tai Lopez are using these techniques.



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