How to start a business with little or no money

Many People facing problem in starting their own business. They thought they don’t have enough money so they will not able to start their business. This kind of thinking always stops or prevents them to start their business. They don’t know how to start business with limited resources.

Here you can learn “how to start business without big investment”.

There are two way of doing business:

  1. Start selling products.
  2. Help other to start selling their products.

In 1st case you need lots of money to manufacturing, advertising, raw material, man power handling, machinery and many more. In this case you need huge investment for your business. You have to wait for some time to get good return over investment.

2nd option will not give you much money but it is wise option for the beginner. These option required less investment and risk.

You are helping manufacturer to sell their products and earning commission from it. It is a simple way of earning money. You are earning money as well you are learning business here. This experience will guide you in future to start business in same filed or other. As you were aware of the pros and cons of that business it will be easy for you take decision.

This business model called as trading. You can start this for any kind of products from industrial goods to home based products.

Example can be like Trading of Machinery, Chemical, electric items, food item etc.

These are for the manufacturing work. What about the online business.

Here is some way:

Start your own blog:

If you have expertise in any filed then starts creating your own blog. This required little money. But it will be helpful to get some earning. Even you can create it freely from various site Like WordPress and wix.

From blog you can earn form the affiliate marketing, Advertisement, Google Adsense and many more other way.

Through this world know you. This will helps you in long run to create your brand.

You can sell E-books, magazines, products and service on it.

Create your website:

If you have good product and service then you can make you own website for that. It can include E-books, MP3, video courses.

You can use platform like Amzon to publish and sell your products on their platform.

Now a day’s website making is become easy. You can use WordPress platform for this. Through WordPress or other platform you can create your own website for your product and services. This things required good amount of investment in Payment integration setup and web development.

Create an application:

Lots of people are using smart phone. They are using various applications in it for their uses. You can create an application.

This required knowledge of various programming language. You can build it a beta version as al testing purpose and update it after getting good response.

In application you can earn from advertisement, subscription, In app purchase and many more.

Candy crush is earning around 230 million dollar annually.

same way you can start something in application development.

Work on Freelancer, Fiverr or online:

If you have certain knowledge in any filed then you can use Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer. Here you can provide your services to people online and earn money from it. Logo designers, SEO experts, web developers and content writers are using it t sell their services.

You will get wide market for your services and business here.

Facebook and Instagram pages:

Now a day’s almost all business try to build their reputation on Social media. Many Business and brand are using social media for business lead generation and stay away from the competition.

You have to create your Facebook and Instagram pages and start posting your woks related stuff on it. This will helps you to getting some clients at initial stage. It will be helpful for the small business to increase their presence.

Youtube channel:

Start your YouTube channel to showcase your skills to the world. It will help you to proved edge over the competitors. Many professionals have started their channel on Youtube channel and earning money from it. It also helps you to get client for your business. Even you can earn through affiliate marketing and promotion of product on you tube.

Consultation business:

If you have expertise in any field you can start consulting business from home.

You can provide consultation to the small firm to big firm depending upon your knowledge.

CA, marketing and Hr consultants, insurance and investment advisors are providing consultation services to their clients. Even you can start this in part time.

Find Partner:

Another option is to find an investment partner for your business.

You can choose this option according to your requirement. If you are facing problem in generating initial fund for business you can choose this option.

In partnership you are sharing control and profit of business so make sure all things clear in partnership agreement.


Udemy is grate place to learning new things. If you have something for teaching or good knowledge in any field, then you can create a course and sell it on Udemy without investing huge money.

If you have a microphone, video editing software, and something you can teach; then you can likely create a course and sell it on Udemy without investing any money.

Use Crowdfunding to Pre-Sell Your Products:

Crowdfunding platform is game changer for the product based business.

Traditional methods of raising funds are not easy, even it cost high interest rate, profit sharing and, Bureaucratic red tape, wastage of time and many more.

With crowdfunding platform it could become easy for business to generate funds for their business and idea. There are platforms like Indiegogo, Kickstarter and many more.

From this platform you can launch your products and if it is useful to people, then they are buying from you. Its pre sell of products and people are paying you for product in advance. You can use this fund for managing your business expenses and making of product.

There are many success stories you can find it on web…

I hope you get some idea on how to start business with little or no money. Choose any option form this or any other way and start your first step in business.

Don’t wait for opportunity, create it now.

All the very best for your future endeavor!

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