How to use Facebook for business and startup

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. It has more than 2 billion monthly active users on it . It has turned into the central hub of the internet. It becomes the best channel for your social media initiatives.

Almost all your friends, family members are on Facebook. You could find verity of people on it. Many of them will be your potential customers.  Are you taking an advantage of Facebook for your business?

Here you can find “How to use Facebook for your startup and business”.

Facebook Pages:

If you have business and want to promote your business then Facebook page is the great option. Make Facebook page with good Profile Photo and cover photo. Fill all the details in it. Fill all details of your business type, location, website, phone number etc.

Choose various button options according to your need. If you have Shop, restaurants then add call option. If you have E-commerce store then add Signup option.

After making it properly start inviting your Facebook friends. As they are near to you and know you.  There will be a possibility to get more likes at initial stages.

Facebook group:

Facebook’s greatest benefit is that it allows you to create a community. Facebook provides group option where interested people join and constantly connected to you in it, and are open to hearing your messages and information. Engage with people authentically through responding to their comments on your own, conversation in group, or introducing people to each other etc.

For that you need to create a community of friends who look favourably on you and your business – and all for free on Facebbok.


If you have business of B2C then you can try this. Many online marketers like Deepak Kanakaraju started their community of learn digital marketing. In this they are sharing information to group members as well promoting their products.  Many network marketers, bloggers and digital marketing experts are using it.

For this kind of group engagement you need to have expert knowledge in the field. This thing works on formula of value edition. The more you provide value to your group members more you have chance of high engagement and lead in your business. This things required dedication and time.

Instantly in few days community is not build. It required you dedication, efforts and time.

Facebook polls:

Facebook has wide range of people it. You can use this public as your audience for poll. Many time in business some decision are taken on the bases survey. You could use Facebook poll feature to get result. It’s easy to set up and gives you desired result in short time.

Facebook event:

Facebook event is the great option to announce your upcoming event. Through this you can invite people for the event as well you can find how many people are interested in your event.

Through this you could promote your events on social media. Any business need buzz for their business or events. Facebook’s this option gives you the desirable result.

Facebook live:

Facebook live feature is useful to post details of live events and announcement for fans.  This will help your audience to look into the event without participating.

This live feature might take less of your time than creating a post. You can give your customers a look into your office or share some interesting aspect of your business that your target audience would be interested to learn.

Facebook giveaway:

Hosting Facebook contests or giveaway is one of the marketing tactics that could help in increase your brand awareness and your number of followers on Facebook.

Many brands use this option when they are launching their products. With small amount of giveaway they got high engagements on their page. This give away cost money to them but help them to get attention of people. Generally businesses are offering Like, Share, comment and invite option for their giveaway.

This option is good for the initial stage, but if you want to utilise it fully use landing page option and collect the email of your potential customers and use email address data in business.

You can use a third-party app for creating the contest .There are tools like Shortstack and Pagemodo that could help you to host contest.

Facebook Paid Promotion:

Facebook paid promotion is cheapest tool for your business promotion. It will helps boost you page, promotion of YouTube video, E-commerce sell and many more.

For that you need to set campaign, select your desirable audience and post it on Facebook. Within 1-2 day you could find result in this process. It’s easy to setup and cheaper in getting results.

Indirect promotion through video:

Videos are most powerful way to spread information about your products and services. If your product comes in fashion, technology, lifestyle or service category it would be great option for your business.

First you need to make interesting video of you product and services. It needs to be eye catching. For that take help of professional. Make a video and post it on your page, tag relevant people to get more views. Ask your friends to share it on their timeline. Also post it in various groups so that it could get more reach (but don’t spam it too much in groups). It will help you to get more likes on your page and boost in product sells.


Facebook Stories:

Facebook Stories would be useful as a way of engaging you’re friends and customers. It can be use to spread of awareness about your business and services.

Speaking and leadership skill is a way to maximise your return from your audience. Marketer has to think creatively about using Facebook Stories as a marketing tool

Sharing blog:

Share your blog on your page and on your group. It will give you more exposure than you have thought. There are many online tools you can use for this, Use Plugins for WordPress, that will automatically post new blog post to your Facebook page for you.


More Exposure = More Traffic = More Leads.


You can also ask your team of employees and partners, your current customers, and even friends and family to share your blog posts on their personal Facebook profiles, this will helps you to generate more leads on your blog.


Facebook is a one of the low cost way to share information about your business, including latest product or service offers, news, contests, marketing and promotions.

Facebook marketing is about making connections, developing relationships, and sharing your wisdom with others. Once you become proficient in posting on Facebook, it will help you to increase your conversion and followers growth

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