How to use Instagram for promoting your Business

Instagram a photo sharing app is now famous more in young generation. Instagram provide video, photo and story sharing on their platform. More than 700 million active users are on it .It is widely famous in USA and India. Business cannot ignore it.

Here are few points “How to promote your business on Instagram”.

Sharing photo and video of your business:

People are excited about what business is doing. They are always excited to see business functioning and how it’s working. By Sharing business videos and photo business can build trust in their customers.

Many brand shares their work place, showing their employees at work place, their activities, function and events photo which helps to them to create their identity on social network and build trust.

Promote Your Products and services with Creative and professional Photos and video:

Power of creativity is essential in online business. Instagram is photo and video sharing tool. Audience are keenly interested in detailed photos and videos. The more you use professional and creative video the more you have chance increase your sell and lead in your business.

Share the unique, attention grabbing photo and see the result in your sells and traffic of your website.

Generally fashion brands are using these tricks.

Promote event Through Instagram:

You can promote your event through Instagram by adding location in photo. Around 5 % of instagram post has location tags. It is found that post with tag location can attract more engagements.

Geo location helps client to know where they have to buy your product and services. Similarly it helps for the event.

Back stage event photo post helps to grab attention of people.

Providing valuable information through photo:

Many IT Company and social media agencies are sharing info graphics on Instagram. Through this they providing knowledge to their customer as well as they are creating their loyal fan following which becomes their customer in future. Also sharing thoughts and wishing on events and occasions build strong brand.

Create brand on Instagram:

Manny blogger, Fashion Company and influencers are using Instagram for creating their strong brand.

They are using this tool to build their brand. It could be like unveiling their products, service on Instagram.

As Instagram is easy tool to gain followers, so by creating huge list of loyal followers you can build your brand.

Create your hashtag as your brad:

Hashtags will help to expand reach of brand

Use your company name in hashtag , In long run hashtag can be a symbol of brand.  By this you can easily tract how many customers are using your hashtag in their sharing. It can be use for campaign as well in general use.

Even industry specific hashtag will help to widen your discoverability of brand and content.

It’s not about putting your brand name in hastag. It’s about putting hashtag that your followers use it to share.

Analyse information:

If you have business account on Instagram you can tract your information of your followers. You will get idea of from which country your followers are, age group, city etc. By analyzing it you can target them according to their interest. This will helps you to increase your sells and promotional activity.

Posting viral content:

If you are new on Instagram and not getting much followers at initial stage then you can repost some viral content on your post, By doing this initially you get response from followers. You can tract their interest and then you can make your brand accordingly.

For making viral content you need to understand few things, Video should be in within 1 minute, it has good music and sound, Make video in Instagram video size so that you can get more hit. If possible use filters of Instagram.

Use of boomerang:

Boomerang feature is good option for creating viral content. This helps you to gain your visibility on Instagram.

Instagram stories and live features:

Instagram story is fine option to promote your products and services. You can tag people and pages by “@” as well you can add “Link” in stories.

Instagram story has various filter option in it. Creative stories are more useful to attract people.

Instagram has also live feature, business can use it for event promotion, unavailing product and services as well in customer engagement.

Promotion on Instagram:

Instagram also provide facility of promotion. Instagram promotion will help you to boost your product and service sell. On Instagram promotion always gives you good return on Instagram.

You can target your audience according to your niche. A good video and photo helps in promotion of product and service.

Get cheap shoutout:

On Instagram you could find many shoutout pages. You can use this page for cheap promotion of your page. This way you can increase your followers. In some case you need to promote your products on their page by paying small amount.

You can contact influencer for promoting your product and services as well give control of your page for some time. This will help you in audience building. But it will cost you good money. You can also take help of local influencers.

Give away contest:

Many blogger, tech startup, celebrity are using this trick. They are launching it to getting more followers organically. Tia Lopez using it by giving I Phone, I pad many other gadgets and products. This luxuries product give away help them to increase their followers is short period of time. Business can use this trick by providing their products, coupon code and many things.

Fashion Bloggers are using it by creating a giveaway loop .They are provide give away Fashion item or I phone to like ,comment and share.

Make sure it should something desirable and relevant to your brand.

Through this you earn more followers, increase your engagement organically, and reward your most loyal consumers.

Use photo and video albums:

You can add up to 10 videos and photo in a single Instagram post. These things give opportunity to user to swipe photo and see each one separately. This combination of videos and photo helps business to convey information and stories to audience.

Follow Your Followers Back:

When you follow back your followers it creates value to your followers. This will make difference in world. It builds strategic relation on Instagram between brand and followers.

Tag Industry Influencers:

You can repost of industry influencer photos and Video when it needed. When you do this tag the influencer in it.

By doing this not only you can get extra followers and also seek attention of influencer.


Applying above tricks and tactics you can “promote your business on Instagram”.

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