Importance of Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Importance of Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Importance of Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Digital marketing is an extremely important part of the way we advertise today. Digital marketing is extremely important for entrepreneurs and startup. Every entrepreneur needs to understand digital marketing. We will discuss Importance of Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Startups.

Mostly Internet driven, digital marketing allows businesses to reach a much larger audience. Digital marketing comes in many forms including mobile phones, display advertising, social media, and other such digital mediums. The ease, low cost and convenience of digital marketing makes it extremely favorable to all entrepreneurs and business owners.

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The History of Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

The first search engine was created by 1990 and by 1993 we had our first clickable web ad banner. By 1994 we had our first search engine (Yahoo!) and by 1996 we had several smaller search engines.

However, it wasn’t until 1998 with the creation and birth of Google that the way we were able to digitally market became increasingly popular and more frequently used. In fact, over the next decade, Google had grown into one of the largest search engines on the Internet.

They have made it possible for entrepreneurs to conduct business and advertise their products or services strictly by use of the Internet.

By the 2000’s digital marketing became more cultivated and hasn’t stopped growing since. In the year of 2010, digital media grew by an astonishing 48% with over 4.5 trillion online ads placed on the Web.

Social platforms started emerging in 1997 with the site and by 2004, Facebook had been released to the public. As of 2015, Facebook was averaging 126 million unique users every month. Today, Facebook remains one of the most widely used social platforms by individuals all over the world. The social platform has also enhanced its usability by creating a friendly platform for businesses, even presenting affordable ways to advertise through online ads.

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The Different Forms of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is referred to by several different names including web marketing, online marketing, and internet marketing. Not only does it go by different names, but there are various forms or ways to digitally market a business.

Search Engine Optimization:

Importance of Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

This is an ever popular way of bringing more audience to a particular website through the use of SEO tactics pertaining to a search engine’s algorithm. The proper use of SEO will help a website climb in the rankings of a search engine, making them more visible.

Social Media Marketing:

Importance of Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

This form of marketing includes the use of social platforms such as Facebook. Most social media platforms have built-in analytic tools that allow businesses to track their progress and amount of engagement. Many social platforms also have simple, low cost ad services.

Email Marketing:

Importance of Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Email marketing is an effective and cheap way to advertise. This form of marketing makes it possible to reach more people with less effort, sending a mass email all at once to your audience. Nonetheless, email marketing is often frowned upon and thought of as annoying, meaning your emails may be marked as spam by those receiving it.

Display Advertising:

This form of marketing includes online ad services. Display advertising is an efficient way to get noticed. A business’s ads can be placed on search engines, blogs and other websites. These ads are clickable, bringing those interested directly to your company website.

Video Advertising:

Importance of Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Video advertising continues to grow as YouTube becomes more frequently used. With over 100 million unique users a month, placing videos ads on YouTube is a great way to gain attention and get noticed. Video ads may also be placed on websites and social media platforms to reach a broader audience. With the creation of a video ad, you may find more success if you can get the video to go viral.

The forms of digital marketing as you see defined above, are only a small portion of the ways to effectively reach an audience.

Other forms of web marketing include content marketing, content automation, data driven marketing, campaign marketing, e-commerce, e-books, and more. There’s so many ways to digitally market your brand or business that it is wise to take advantage of the options if you wish to flourish in the industry you’re involved in.

Although traditional marketing methods still remain important, with the increased use of the Internet, it’s crucial that your business make use of and practice digital marketing methods.

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