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Do You Really Know The Location Of Your Server?

Is it within India or Abroad?

Important Thing to Consider While Buying any kind of Hosting Services for your business is to buy it within India and know its location to measure latency time and security level.

Most of the entrepreneurs and business owners use various online platforms like their business websites, blog pages and web portals to engage their existing clients and reach to the potential customers.

It’s a smart move to take for the progress of their business but very often it is found that they hardly consider the importance of selecting a good and reliable web host services for their valuable business risking its resources and investment. Out of the many factors that can compromise the website and can lead to the data breach, most of them are related to the server & hosting services.

This makes it very important for the business owners and entrepreneurs to consider the importance of Hosting Services in India and always go for the best hosting service provider in India that can offer the maximum security for the website and its pivotal data.

Why is secured web hosting so important?

Indian Data Centers


Security threats and breaches are the results of various interaction and communications that a website or web application undergoes with the external world. This may compromise your company’s important and confidential data, which is the worst nightmare for any organization.

Moreover, your clients’ trust can be lost if their data shared with you is leaked resulting in the loss of your potential and loyal customers. Such threats and breaches can be avoided by having a secured web hosting for your valuable business. It is very important to get the best and secured web hosting service for your business.

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Secured Web Hosting plays a significant role in the success of any business having an online presence.

As a brand or a business, maximizing the profits and securing the confidential data are few of the most important priorities for you. If you think that having a wrong web hosting service provider will not have any negative impact on your business, then you should rethink about it. Following are some of the most common outcomes you’ll probably face if you have a less secured web hosting for your business:

Loss of data-

When your customers put their email id and other personal details in your website’s form, they hold a trust in your brand or business that it will be safe and secured. You will never want to risk it. Moreover, Your website or web portals carry many confidential and important data and information, which if leaked can be very calamitous for your business or brand value.

Loss of revenue-

If at any point of time, your website goes down, there are chances that you’ll lose your potential customers as they will not be able to view your blog posts or learn about the latest updates on the products and services your business offers. You may even lose a potential sales and income if you run an e-commerce website. What can be worse than this?

Negative effect on your online ranking-

The main aim of content marketing is to rank higher than your competitors so that your potential customer finds you before they land on your competitors’ page. If your website is down or not active repeatedly when search engines are directing the audience to your page, there are chances you’ll degrade with the ranking of your website.  No one wants this to happen with his/her website.

Security and malware attacks–

Indian Data Centers

Although there is no 100% ideal solution for keeping your website secure, you can go for the maximum and optimal security options when it comes to your website or web portals. Go for the web hosting service provider in India, which can offer the best technical support, maintenance, backup services and troubleshoot any possible security issues.

In order to reduce the security risks, online threats and fraudulent breaches to the minimum, a holistic approach to the security of the website and web applications is inevitable. Here’s where Nivida Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. comes in a role.

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Nivida Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Nivida Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is 100% Indian web hosting company offering the best web hosting service in Vadodara, Gujarat. It offers both shared and dedicated hosting services to empower your website and meet your requirements efficiently.

Indian Data Centers

Now you know where your important data is.

Nivida is one of the leading web hosting service provider in India providing their valuable clients full access to Cpanel web hosting, FTP web hosting, Linux web hosting, PHP web hosting, Windows web hosting, etc. We strive to spread our service to all the clients as the cheapest web hosting, yet best e-commerce hosting. Thus, we are a true and top web-hosting provider as we stand by to all your demands.

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