Information Age and it’s impact on jobs around the world

As we all know that our planet Earth is the only known planet in the whole universe where life exists. Among these living beings on the planet, there exist an intelligent species that we all know as Homo sapiens, I am talking about humans, yes! Us. We, humans, have witnessed different time period in history.

As we evolved from stone age to Industrial age and from there to information age we witnessed its impacts on economy and jobs.

The revolutionary invention of the internet was the start of the information age, Information Age and it’s impact on jobs around the world is huge. It made lives easier but with so many job cuts worldwide. It’s not true at all, I agree to the point that it was responsible for job cuts but it also created more jobs in the same industry. Life is all about evolution. In order to survive we have to evolve, those who evolved, survived.

A report by McKinsey Global Institute stated that the Internet has a sweeping impact on growth, prosperity and has ‘created 2.6 jobs for every job that it has destroyed’.

“The Internet is a contributor to net job creation,” McKinsey Global Institute said in its report, titled, ‘Internet matters: The Net’s Sweeping Impact on Growth, Jobs, and Prosperity’.

“While jobs have been destroyed by the emergence of the Internet, much more have been created during the same period, including jobs directly linked to the Internet, such as software engineers and online marketers as well as more traditional jobs — logistics to deliver online purchases,” it added.

Internet gave rise to video portals like youtube, that allowed any user to upload a video and share it with the world. This created demand for creative video content, in turn creating more jobs for video editors, sound engineers, directors, editors, writers, music artists, etc.

Similarly, it also gave rise to social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+, Instagram, Snap chat, etc.  As these platforms allowed people to connect with each other and promote their business and create events and what not, people were in need of creative artists, social media managers, content writers, illustrators, Actors, graphic designers, etc.

This proves that every time a new platform on the internet is introduced to the market it creates jobs. Now we all know that there was a time when the size of the mobile phone was as big as a brick and it was heavy too, then the technology helped in reducing the size and developing mobile phones with more features.

The era of touch screen and camera phones revolutionized the mobile device market and the need for bigger screens emerged. But too big phones are impractical. Well, I said that we are the only intelligent species in the whole universe, some amazing brains among us created something called AR.

AR is short for Augmented Reality which means computer generated 3D graphics are displayed along with background around the viewers using AR devices.

The information age is about to get updated with this new AR technology, these devices are like goggles and placed right close to the viewer’s eyes. You can already buy one from the market.

Information Age and it’s impact on jobs around the world

These devices are in immense need of applications. Imagine entertainment, shopping, and Games on these devices. Developers around the world have already started developing apps for these devices. AR is popular among users even right now. You must be wondering without devices how is it possible?  It is possible, You can use AR apps on your smartphones.

Information Age and it’s impact on jobs around the world

Augmented Reality will definitely give rise to AR platforms. In fact, there’s one AR platform already available on the internet for free. It is called Sooperpop (AR/VR Media portal). This platform allows users to upload animated and still AR/VR content to its web portal and viewers can use the SooperpoP app to play this content around them. I tried it and it was amazing.

Platforms like SooperpoP will create demand for 3D – AR and VR content. In turn creating more jobs for 3D artists, 3D animators, 3d Illustrators, Sculptors, 3D Modelling artists, graphic designers, Lighting, Camera,  Matte painters, 3D content creators,  Media managers and many more.

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2018 is the year when there is a lot more to come from augmented reality, I hope this article helps you to choose a good career path or spark an idea for your own business.

Here’s the link if you want to try SooperpoP– AR/VR Media portal open this link on your smartphone and experience yourself.

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