Inspiring Story of Mompreneur and Her Journey of Mompreneurship

Inspiring story of mompreneur and Her Journey of Mompreneurship

This is Deepti Awasthi Sharma (co-founder and sales expert  of, I am CA drop out and ex EY). I am sharing my journey of mompreneurship while working on my dreams for building an empire in outdoor advertising industry. You can say this is the story of mompreneur, wifepreneur and women entrepreneur.

story of Mompreneur

After one year of my marriage me and my husband formed and now this company is 2 years old and we have walked the journey from zero to 2 million dollar revenue and  we are India’s largest aggregator of Ooh advertising industry and our dream is to become world’s largest Ooh advertising company.

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During my journey while pursuing my dreams I have faced many ups and downs.

One year after the formation of I got pregnant and was worried about my career as my new born Company is like my baby and needs my hard work, dedication, time, energy and perseverance.

In Indian society being Mommy means sacrificing everything but my dreams kept me going. I haven’t missed a single day of my office and attended every conferences and relevant meetings and worked harder till the last day before delivery and through this my weakness becomes my strength as for me rest during pregnancy is meaningless.

Now on the day of Labour Pains and delivery I have something to share as an experience or life long lession for all -“Fight for you”. I have been admitted to a reputed hospital “Appolo” and normal delivery was always in my mind as I can’t afford to take rest for months because I need to get back to the work asap. Hospital staff have a clear intention of doing delivery via c sec/operation as this is a main business of the Hospitals.

The patients who were admitted with me were told by the hospital management various illogical reasons of not having their normal delivery and they convinced the patients  to Opt for the operation. Out of all the pregnant ladies admitted in the hospital I was the only one who had Normal delivery as I had a fight with the hospital management for normal delivery, I had an argument with the doctors as they were demotivating me for normal delivery and I was fighting till the last moment my baby was born.

story of mompreneur

Looking in the eyes of by baby was the most wonderful experience of my life and parallely responsibility and time commitment needed against my dreams but luckily my in laws and my husband supported me and in laws take care of my baby during office hours which helped me to join office within 15 days after the delivery (old norms and presumption for a new mom to take at least  3 months rest after delivery).

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When I joined office soon after my baby was born, I used to feel very tired and lost but my dreams and vision keep me on track and for me my dreams are as important as oxygen for human being. Everyday I am facing emotion imbalance, mood swings and then I feel more committed towards my goals no matter what.

story of mompreneur

Working keeps me alive and now is the most trusted and the biggest online aggregator of OOH advertising in India. We help planning, booking and buying OOH media easy and hassle-free for clients, as right now it is the complex and time taking process. The OOH advertising is billion dollar industry and we have dreams to achieve a lot more.

My life mantra:- Be yourself as it’s extraordinary.

Have an awesome and positive day



Deepti Awasthi Sharma

co-founder and sales expert


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