Quick Guide To Turn Your Passion Into a Business

Business is an Art and Art can be a Business!

Many people have skills in particular field and passion about it but they are not utilizing it properly.

If you have any kind of art, knowledge and think that you are different from other use these skills to turn it into business.

Convert you passion into business. This will help you to live your passion as well help you in earn money.

Here is the “quick guide to turn your passion in business”.

1) Acquire skill and build a business:

Turning passion in business you need to acquire skills in your area. You need to be master of it. Either you can acquire it by self (reading or other source) or from job.

After acquiring it you can start your own business. Once you are master in it then you can easily train, manage and couch others.

Before starting it you need to organize all things and make business model ready.

2) Networking with people in events and workshop:

The more you network the more you know the things and get idea of business. Networking brings new ideas and concepts in business. It helps you to reach out people and their problem.

This way you can connect with people and understand the market requirements.

You can go to various seminar, workshops, collages and events and meet various people.

These simple things help you a lot in initial stage of business.

3) Meet experts and show them your skills:

Meet expert in your field and show them your skills. This might bring first customer into your business.

For that you need to have some skills which can attract that person to introduce you with other client.

Even if you don’t get any customer still it will be good as you have showcased your skills to him. In future it might be fruitful for you.

 4) Create your own website:

Creating a website is like hard thing for many people. But in this era of technology it’s easy.

Many free tolls available on web. Like WordPress on that you can make your dream website. This tool doesn’t require any coding knowledge just select your theme and apply it and put your content in it.

You required only 2500 INR for creating a website (hosting charges) and even free in some case.

Website provides you an identity to your business where people can reach you. It will expand your limits and connect with you world.

ISO consultants, Motivational speakers are using it to expand their reach.

5) Build business on Facebook:

Facebook is number one social media platform. You can use Facebook to promote your business.

Creating a fan page is easy task. Many artists have started their journey from Facebook page.

Popular YouTuber Bhuvan Bam has started his journey from Facebook itself.

Artist, motivational speakers, chef etc can use this platform.

Through Facebook page monetisation you can earn money. But this will required hug followers list.

6) Use Instagram for business:

Instagram is mainly is photo sharing app. It is great social media platform for the artist, designers, blogger, models etc.

A person who has good skills in art, design, painting they can easily utilised this platform very well and earn form it.

As compare to other platform Instagram is good platform to generate leads through story option.

Artist can use affiliate marketing, sponsorships for earning money.

7) Be Youtuber and share your skills and knowledge:

Youtube is 2nd search engine tool use after Google. From you tube you can make your video and put it to the audience.

People are watching video on Youtube for gaining knowledge as well for fun.

Various people are sharing their thoughts and information on science, management, business, technology, food and artistic work.

Many chef, artist and speakers are using it.

Anyone can use this platform if he has well of knowledge of any field. Once you build your audience then you can earn it from advertisement, sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

8) Start your blogging journey:

If you are a writer or have good interest in writing skill you can use your hand in blogging.

Blogger is free toll for blogging where he or she can share their knowledge about any topics. Even you can start your own blog site.

Blogging can be on lifestyle, sports, tech, art, food etc.

In blogging you can earn form paid courses, affiliate marketing, sponsorship and Google Adsense.

9) Using crowd funding website for pre order and investments:

If you have knowledge but somehow you are not able to manage money then use crowd funding website for it.

On this platform you have to put details of your work/product and idea. If idea or art is great and interesting then people will come and donate, invest or book pre order of your products.

Through pre order or donation you can start making product of your business.

10) Use freelancing website to get order:

Various freelancing website can help you to get client to your business.

You need to put information in it and deliver orders and service online. By doing this you will get your build you business.

Various freelancing sites are as here – Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer.

11) Start your consultancy services business:

If you are good in some filed and also passionate about it, then start consultancy services. You can start it as part time.

Your passion is in marketing and has good knowledge then helps others who want your advices. Help them with your knowledge and skill.

In many cases you need to approach first for business. This help you to understand market and also in building your business.

12) Take part in competition:

Use this competition to attract your first client. In competition most of the people are coming from same field. It will be great opportunity for you to showcase your ability infant of other. In this not only you get prize but as well you get your first customer or partner for business.

So always use this kind of competition as platform of your business.

13) Do some volunteering and free work:

When you are new in business sometime you have to work for free. But that is not for all the time.

Take part in volunteering event which is related to you passion or do some free work for you friend and relative. This will help you to spread word of mouth and help you to find your first client.



Don’t waste your talent and time in finding opportunity. Whenever you find any opportunity just snatch it and build your first business.


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