Starting a Security Company

Starting a Security Company and Getting Involved in the Industry as an Entrepreneur

Starting a Security Company and Getting Involved in the Industry as an Entrepreneur

Since 2010, the security industry has rapidly grown. The need for security in all forms including cyber and personal, alarm systems and investigative services is something that people have an increased desire for with each passing day. Starting a security company is good option for entrepreneur and entering the world of security as an entrepreneur may take some time to find success in but with the industry only continuing to grow, it is a smart business venture to take on.

The Development of the Security Industry

Starting a Security Company

The beginning of regulations in the security industry started back in 1915 when the State of California became licensed to manage private investigators.

However, in 1850 the Pinkerton National Detective Agency had risen in Chicago which went on to become the largest agency in the security industry. The agency was able to introduce several acts including the Private Investigator Act in 1943.

By the early 1990’s, several acts were in place including the Private Investigators and Adjuster Act, the Collection Agency Act, and the Locksmith Act among various programs demanding strict licensing and regulations in the all facets of the industry. Since 2010, the security industry was thriving and according to studies, it is predicted to grow by over 20% by 2020.

Currently, the security industry is a multi-billion dollar market with nearly $400 billion invested and earned. $207 billion of that was due to the need and demand for cyber security. The security industry has truly come along way, creating more job opportunities and creating a better economy. It is now one of the top ten markets to enter as an entrepreneur.

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A Little Advice for Starting a Security Company and Getting Involved in the Industry

Starting a Security Company

Due to the wide range of security services and products, you’ll need to consider all your options and what it is you’d like to offer as a start-up company entering the security industry.

Knowing the range of security services and products available will help you greatly as you start creating your outline for a security business. You’ll also want to consider all the different facets involved with security such as those in the private sectors or those that provide cyber protection.

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Common Security Services and Products

Starting a Security Company

  • Vehicle and Traffic Control
  • Private Security Guards
  • Alarm Systems and Response
  • Residential and Commercial Security
  • Event Security and Crowd Control
  • Armed and Unarmed Security
  • Bodyguards
  • Loss Prevention
  • Office and Construction Site Security
  • Executive and Corporate Security
  • Temporary Security
  • School and Campus Security
  • Mall and Retail Security
  • Video Surveillance
  • Cyber Protection and Software
  • Airport Security
  • Hospital and Health Facility Security
  • Government Security
  • Protection Consulting
  • Overnight Security
  • Community Protection

The list of services and products available for security purposes can go on forever. With the desire for such a broad range of security options, deciding what you’d like to offer your audience as an entrepreneur entering the industry shouldn’t be too difficult.

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It’s Important to Abide by the Regulations Involving Private and Cyber Security Sectors

Starting a Security Company

When you own your own security business whether it pertains to the private or cyber security sectors or both, you must abide by all rules and regulations set by local, state and federal governments.

Extreme penalizations and lawful punishments are handed to anyone in the security industry that refuses to receive the proper licensing, certifications or to follow any of the laws in place. Most laws pertaining to security companies are governed by the state.

The licensures demanded by each state differ. Some require licensing for both armed and unarmed security, while others require licensing in one or the other. One thing is certain, that regardless of the security services you offer, rigorous and thorough training is absolutely necessary, especially if your company is to offer armed security.

As for those involved in cyber security, the purpose of your service and products is to serve as protection from viruses, worms, phishing and unwarranted breaches of private information.

According to federal regulations, there are three main acts in accordance with cyber security. These acts include the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and the 2002 Homeland Security Act. These three acts help mandate system and information security for healthcare organizations, financial institutions and all federal agencies.

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