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Startup Journey of think latitude – A Startup Run by Two Indian outside India

Failure breeds some of the greatest minds around us by stripping away layers of doubt, fear and the unknown.  The fear of failure causes our minds to create a safety net which withholds our true creative potential.  A true entrepreneur has passion, drive, determination, creativity, and a curiosity that runs through their veins.While a formal education can create a great basis, there is no substitute for life experience.

Entrepreneurs are like sponges that soak in all of the information around them from their mentors, teachers, and colleagues.  They draw upon their experience and develop a methodology that is unique and efficient to help everyone around them. At the heart of it all, an entrepreneur observes and discovers who they are and what they want to become.

Startup Journey

Think Latitude’s journey from concept to successful startup has a very similar story. Andy Sajnani and Misha Shah are the co-founders that knew that they wanted to make a significant impact in the world of entrepreneurship and help their fellow entrepreneurs realize their startups from concept to reality.

After attending many conferences, networking events, and speaking with a variety of people from all diverse backgrounds and walks of life, they realized that over 80% of people are not content in their jobs.  They have either been forced into their occupation, stuck in a dead-end job with no growth and development in sight, or simply unemployed.

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When it comes to paying bills, a lot of people are obligated to continue along the path, as it is easier.  Taking a risk and going against the grain takes so much more courage, strength, and determination for an entrepreneur.

Startup Journey

The CEO of Think Latitude, Andy Sajnani, at the young age of nine, was obsessed with computers and believed that computer science was the path for him.  He would surround himself with books and learned to code on his own as well.

As he entered college, that path definitely veered into another direction.  He changed his major seven times and finally graduated in theoretical engineering.

As he held numerous positions in large corporations, startups, privately-held companies, and freelance work, he felt that the culmination of his experience was better suited for entrepreneurship where he could exercise his creativity, make his own rules, and lead his strategic vision to make a significant change in this world.

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Although Andy’s journey to entrepreneurship has been unconventional, like most entrepreneurs, he believes life is about realizing your potential and exploring all of the opportunities that come your way.

Startup Journey

Misha Shah, COO of Think Latitude, had small morsels of entrepreneurship all throughout her childhood. She always wanted to be independent and cultivate strong relationships with everyone around her, including her classmates, colleagues, and even strangers.

Her fascination with the human condition and building upon those strong relationships while administering a business mindset is what led her to pursue Marketing and Psychology in college.

Upon entering the real world, she took the path of climbing the corporate ladder of a Fortune 100 company.  During her tenure, she learned many facets of various departments within the company and cultivated excellent relationships; however, she knew that there was a void in her pathway.

She knew that she wanted to create something and constantly sought out mentors around her at networking events.  It was at one of these events where her path crossed with Andy.  They knew that this was the start to something special.

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Think Latitude was created for those individuals like Misha and Andy who knew that they had a vision to do something great and needed some guidance and support in the right direction.

When clients speak with these knowledgeable and genuine entrepreneurs, they are instantaneously put at ease by their willingness to help, educate, motivate, and execute.

They are a resourceful duo that can get their clients off the ground in the world of application development, business consulting and strategy, and investment funding. They have been featured on CNBC’s “The Job Interview” and invited to speak at several entrepreneurship and business conferences such as Fund.

Think Latitude has been voted “Most Intriguing Startup in 2017” from CNBC.  Misha was invited to speak at FUND Conference in Chicago and Austin for Women Entrepreneurs and how inspiring women are when they take the stage and describe their career journeys.  Also, Andy was invited to speak at University of Illinois, Urbana, his alumni, on entrepreneurship and technology advancement.

Through a strategic approach, Think Latitude is on their way to achieving great heights and is unstoppable in their mission to make a significant impact to entrepreneurs all over the world.


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