Story of India’s First Budgeted Couple Friendly Hotel – Luvstay

Story of India’s First Budgeted Couple Friendly Hotel – Luvstay

What is LuvStay?

LuvStay is the unique and fastest growing hotel aggregator website which specially caters and solved the problems of couples. LuvStay helps to rent safe and secure hotel rooms for unmarried/married couples with a shorter stay and a hassle-free stay. No fear of police raids.

A relationship between unmarried couples is considered as unholy in Indian Society. And those who seek privacy are harassed and beaten in public or denied by hotels if they are unmarried.

India’s First Budgeted Couple Friendly Hotel


A problem faced by Mr. Sumit Anand Founder of LuvStay:

Mr. Sumit Anand Founder of LuvStay faced the same situation at the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.

He couldn’t find a hotel room after traveling with his girlfriend. “We moved from one hotel to another. Some of them were adjacent and some of them on different lanes. But nobody was willing to give us a room,” he says.

When asked, none of the receptionists offered any explanation, while it was quite evident, Anand claims, that several of them had vacant accommodation. Finally, the reception at one hotel, turning them down, did them the courtesy of explaining why. “They said they had a policy against unmarried couples sharing a room,” he says.

Another hotelier they approached went a step further. Pointing to his girlfriend’s Muslim name, the hotelier said that letting an unmarried couple, and that too of different religious communities, share a room could result in trouble. The year 2014 had seen the proliferation of several absurd political conspiracies about Hindu-Muslim lovers.

Sumit decide to overcome this issue and started LuvStay with Mr. Karan Mago

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How Sumit & Karan Solved this Issue:

India’s First Budgeted Couple Friendly Hotel

LuvStay built – A couple friendly hotel booking website. Couples with local ids are allowed to book rooms without any questioning. Couples either can book day slot, night slot and pay accordingly. they have services specially designed for couples like delivering cakes, chocolates, gifts directly to their stay which make their stay more memorable.

Currently, Luvstay in 40 cities with more than 400 hotels listed on our website.

The team consists of Founder Sumit Anand who is also CEO handling core business, is an Engineer by background and MBA from Ambedkar College; second is Co-founder Karan Mago also CMO who handles complete marketing and Business collaboration for LuvStay, he is an MBA from K.J. Somaiya College; then Amardeep also Co-founder handling backend operations

The company has recorded 2 million turnovers in last two years, with 40 cities expansions. Our primary concern is to provide safest and utmost secured space to couples, as they are very nervous and scared said by Mr. Karan Mago Co-Founder & CMO of LuvStay.

We are very determined by the kind of hotels we choose on our platform. We tie up only those hotels which are open-minded on our concept. From reception to the manager we educate them. When couples came to hotels, they have fear or embarrassment, But when they book through LuvStay, they receive fast check in, no question or judgment at a reception. And all security measures already places to the room. So couples feel 100% safe and secured at their stay.

“One thing that differentiates us from the others players that we are dedicated to solving the couple’s problems and offers best properties in a budget, “ said by Mr. Anand.

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Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies:

Yeah, we faced many challenges initially when we started no one accepted our idea even our family members and relatives.

We had been rejected many times by hotels while approaching them for collaboration and tie-ups. When on the field we could convince only 2 out of 10 hotels.

We merely started with 10 hotels in 2016, and now are with 400 plus hotels, now making 500. There are unlimited opportunities in our segment, as this is an untapped section of the market. Also, we have seen a huge change in thinking of people especially hotel owners, which are now approaching us with new add-ons with us. Our concept has no offseason, we don’t depend on any occasions events to make business.

Future Goal:

Right now LuvStay doesn’t own the hotels, they have partnerships with the hotelier. they aim to open our hotel chain and this year they want to present almost all the cities


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