The Uprising Realty Startup VMansions

The Uprising Realty Startup gets pegged at 28.83 Cr., catches the eye of Investors

The real estate sector is globally the fastest growing sector. In India, real estate is the second largest employer after agriculture and is slated to grow at 30 per cent over the next decade.

The Indian real estate market is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020.

The recent years have seen a shift from traditional real estate brokers to sales and marketing agencies.

These agencies are taking over the real estate sector. Sales and Marketing agencies in Real Estate have a massive growth potential as they provide a holistic end to end marketing, sales, packaging, financing and funding alliances for projects as per the requirement of the client.

The information gap between the property developers and the buyers is minimized leading to overall client satisfaction. This particular sector is being dominated by start-ups who want to make an impact.


Realty Startup VMansions

VMansions is one such start-up that is constantly innovating and changing the face of the real estate sector.

Mr. Vijay Mirani CMO along with Mr. Anand Gupta CFO of VMansions felt that there was a lack of simplicity in the way real estate market functioned leading to a lot of complexities, confusion and uncertainties for the home buyers. To address these pain points VMansions came up with a complete end-to-end solution for every aspect related to real estate starting from land and ending at the end user, and using technology, data research, financial engineering and discipline, in the process.

Realty Startup VMansions

They have exponentially grown their business from being a small start-up with only 3 employees to now achieving a staggering 47 cr in sales per month.VMansions currently holds more than INR 850 crores worth of inventory in hand to sell.

From the early days of VMansions with 3 employees the team has swelled to more than 50 employees. The team is a robust mix of young and energetic professionals who come from mixed backgrounds.

The team includes professionals from top management institutes. They also have a mix of people from the technology and finance sector. The team acts as the front face of builders and provides them research enabled guidance and finance, with access to its land bank, while also acting as the front face for landowners and providing the liquidity and fair value for their property.

Mr. Amit Dangi from Mentor Capital mentioned “There is a paradigm shift in the strategy being adapted by developers to wow the buyers in the real estate industry. The industry currently is more dominated by the buyers and the developers focus is to reach the maximum number of potential customers in a short time. At this changing environment and with RERA coming into force professional and focused firm like “VMansions India “has a bright future. The experience of management and business plan of “VMansions India” makes it a front runner in the industry. We are extremely bullish on the future of the firm and value it around $ 4.2 million to $ 5.4 million.”

Realty Startup VMansions

Since technology plays a massive role in any business, VMansions is looking forward to enhancing their business by bringing in automation at various levels.

They want to make all their activities process driven to eliminate any manipulation or human errors. They are currently expanding their team and wish to build up a team of 110 employees within the year-end.

With future projections of achieving sales of over 2000+ crores, this unicorn is now catching the eye of potential Investors. The core management team wants to associate with investors that share the same values as them.

Visit Realty Startup VMansions website: VMansions


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