World’s First Augmented And Virtual Reality Media Portal

World’s First Augmented And Virtual Reality Media Portal From India

Have you ever imagined that the world’s first augmented and virtual reality media portal could be a startup from India?

Yes, you are reading it right.

It’s not India’s but world’s first augmented and virtual reality media portal has been built by Indian technocrats.

It is SooperpoP!!!

SooperpoP is a location based AR-VR media portal. Catch 3D simulated SoopersimS @ SooperpoP to experience a real time rendered animated AR scene from your own mobile device.

Play a soopersim and experience how it feels to be at the center of a 3 dimensional animated AR scene by viewing it from all the possible angles. Pause a soopersim and feel like you are at the speed of light and time has frozen for you.

Apart from this, you can also win cool freebies by becoming part of the innovative campaigns run by businesses on SoopepoP, where you just need to locate pops around you and pop them to collect coins.

Keep track of the campaigns that you have joined and the coins that you collected and once you collect specified count of coins, the prize is yours.

Users can browse the AR/VR content using smart phone mobile devices by just installing SooperpoP application which is available on Android and iOS app stores.

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SooperpoP app projects 3D content around the users, respective to their geo location, in virtually generated Augmented environment. This allows users to conceptualize in the 3rd dimension.

Real estate, structural engineering etc. industry can project a building or a bridge before it is constructed respective to a geo location and its orientation.

Entertainment industry can project trailers and content around the users for promotions.

An aeronautical engineering company can project their planes in real time for better understanding. The technical trainings can be conducted easily.

Educational institutes can reach users via educational content that is played around the users in real time.

You can have AR/VR emoji’s and greetings

Send message to the community using AR/VR content

Automobile industry can use it to project the car models in 3D right in front of the users.


Apart from browsing and sharing AR/VR content, SooperpoP also allows,

Businesses to create predefined AR games to reach targeted users.

Businesses to add their geo location AR markers.

Businesses to connect with their consumers.


And the best part is that the world can use it for free!

Users can also log on to, register and upload soopersims to showcase it on a global platform. Also, SooperpoP users can share this content on social media platforms on click of a button.


The Story of SooperpoP:

SooperpoP is designed and developed by Mr. Ankit patel, Mr. Sanket kale and their team. This startup was established in 2015 based out of Vadodara, the Sankari nagari of Gujarat.

It was summer of 2016 when Mr. Ankit and his team were working on an application that needed 3D content. Now Mr. Ankit sourced it out to people who designed and animated 3D content.

But the tough part of this was they had to go to their office(workspace) to see their work as it was not possible to share such content on any platforms available in the market. Platforms then, allowed users to share and play content in 2D such as images, videos, gif’s and textual content.

But they could not find an application that would allow users to share and project(display) steady and animated 3D models. During their research they found some applications that projected 3D models in AR (Augmented Reality also known as mixed reality) and VR (Virtual Reality), but these applications were custom made to project(display) one or multiple models at once.

Making sole application for a specific product and then promoting it to users individually seems an inefficient and expensive task.

This was where the idea of SooperpoP emerged.

Ankit started researching on the concepts of 3D modelling and felt the need of a portal that allows users to upload and share their work (3D Objects) with the world, and also display (project) it to the users for ease of conceptualization. He soon figured out that even the 3D community was in need of such a platform.

His research also found that AR/VR is going to upend the world and cause a monumental shift in the way surf, shop and experience the web, thanks to the pure power and imagination of human thought.

After doing some more research on tools and technologies, he decided to start on creating something.

At this time, one of his teammate had a friend who worked on creating applications that had 3D content. He asked him to help to create one to which he agreed and they started with their first step of just putting one simple 3D spherical object in the app in front of the user.

They placed the sphere(3D object) all fine. Now they wanted to see the sphere only at a specific GPS location and not anywhere else. Again there was just Ankit and this other guy, who was a developer, working on it and the guy was not able to get it working the way Ankit wanted.

They spent days trying to figure out how to show the 3D object at a GPS location and not anywhere else. Things were not working out, so at the side, he somehow managed to convince Haresh(Herry) his teammate to spend 2 hrs a day on learning how to create a 3D application.

Now as they were already working on one other application, he had to spend extra hours on it, to which he agreed.

So without wasting their time Ankit and Herry started working on it. Now their progress was very slow, and Sanket their lead Developer and Co-Founder was getting irritated with them because they were going nowhere with it and it was affecting their current work.

So they asked him to help them to achieve what they wanted. He didn’t seem enthusiastic at first as he didn’t have any experience on 3D apps, but he had no choice other than doing it to get it done so that they return back to the completing the other application. The moment he got in, they had 3 brains working on it and that’s where things started to work out.

After days and nights of research and discussions, they finally dropped a 3D sphere outside their office building and experienced moving around it.

The team was amazed at the visual experience and this was enough to create interest for the whole team to jump in. There was a sudden shift in the people’s work plan, where they brought their other app to a stable stage and started to work on SoopepoP.


The SooperpoP Team

Now with the whole team on it, Jaydeep and Ketan started working on the web application and Herry, Darshan, Suketu and Hiren on the mobile application.

The idea started in Ankit’s head but it was brought to life by this two teams together lead by Sanket.

Sanket’s interest and devotion in learning new tools and his major contribution on this project helped them achieve what was required and they launched SooperpoP in 6 months time around December 2016 on Android playstore.

The first version of SooperpoP allowed users to create predefined geo location based interactive campaigns in Augmented reality to reach the targetted masses. Around March 2017 they launched the first version of SooperpoP on Apple app store too.

No, they were not done yet as they still had to get to the media portal part, wherein a web application will allow users to upload and manage steady and animated 3D objects and a mobile device application would project the 3D content in virtually generated AR/VR environment respective to the users geo location if required.

In short, play the content in 3D around the user’s real time position on earth.

Around October 2017 it finally happened, this was the moment when they experienced it, the moment when they clicked on play for the first time and a real time simulation popped around them, and SooperpoP version 2.0 was born.

It gave the feeling of being the part of the scene, and users can move around the scene and view it from any angle they want.


They are not going to stop here. Ankit patel, Sanket Kale and their team are on the way of creating something big which will be a game changer for many Industries.

Again something exciting is coming soon from the SooperpoP box…

We wish all the very best to Ankit Patel, Sanket kale and the SoopepoP team for their future endeavours.


What can we learn from SooperpoP Story:

No matter how big your dream is, just be steady and take steps towards it. With consistency and team work anything is possible.

As what Mr. Ankit Patel always says, a person who does anything with interest is a genius!


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